What to Do Before Writing

Part of the writing process for an essay starts with pre-writing. You have to plan what your essay will entail. Planning is an important technique to save time. Most students often rush to writing, thinking it will save them time. It only makes the student confused in the middle of the paper. Some reasons for planning includes:

  • Help generate different ideas for your topic
  • Helps in preventing writer’s block when you run out of ideas
  • You can test your topic by writing a draft idea for your thesis statement
  • A writer can change the topic when ideas are short
  • A writer plans the overall structure of the essay

The pre-writing phase is an integral part of the writing process. Therefore, you should pay close attention to these techniques used in pre-writing an essay.

Writing an Outline

An outline provides an overview of what the overall paper will look like. It gives you a hint of what constitutes your introduction, body, and conclusion. The outline helps in giving your main points to include in the essay. You get the chance to expound on these points to gauge whether you have a solid essay.

Writing a Draft

Before writing the final document, you should start writing a draft. A draft brings out the raw version of your writing skills. It helps present ideas in an introductory manner. After reading the draft, you can decide whether to expound on some details or make some changes. The draft provides a basic idea of what the final paper looks like.

Writing Phase

After finishing the writing phase, it is time to start with the actual work. Here are the basic techniques you can use to fasten your writing process:

Setting Mood

It would help if you were in the mood for writing. Select the perfect time of the day in your schedule when you feel relaxed. Set your work station in a quiet environment to boost your concentration. You can have some background music to enhance your concentration. Ensure you get rid of any distractions in your way.

Use Research

A common mistake among students is their blatant use of previous researches without citing. When you use outside information on your essay, it must follow with proper citations. Researching helps in giving your research focus even for your audience. It shows a natural flow of sentences.

Take Some Break

Simply because you are in a race against time does not mean you deserve a break. Concentrating too much on writing might cause writer’s block. You lost your original plot because you are overthinking. Take a breather after a few paragraphs to ensure you still focus on the main topic at hand. 

Get Outside Help

You cannot finish the writing process on your own. It would help if you had a fresh pair of eyes to overlook your work. You can consult a friend or brainstorm ideas for improving your essay. Writing services are also available to students. You can have your essay proofreader and edited by an expert writer before final submission. Remember, it is not about finishing quickly but with quality. 

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