What Does it Mean to Structure?

Structuring your essay means arranging it coherently using a different set of ideas in making an argument. Essays are written linearly. It uses one idea at a time to make sense to the reader. You have to appeal the logic of your audience to have a successful essay structure.

Your main aim when writing an essay is to predict its structure. The structure pre-empts the information your audience needs to know. Furthermore, it states the order the audience will receive it. You should ensure that the structure of your essay remains unique when compared to the arguments present. There is no universal idea for structuring an essay.

Parts of an Essay

The standard parts of an essay include:

  • Introduction
  • Body¬†
  • Conclusion

The introductory phase states the argument of the topic. It gives your audience your stance on the topic. Furthermore, it raises counterarguments that could be used against the side. Both the introduction and conclusion are fixed in the essay. You can shift the body in different ways, depending on the content.

It is advisable to bear in mind different sections that help answer various questions that might form in your audience's mind. Here are multiple questions that the essay must answer when writing.


The first part of the question to the reader is what the topic is all about. You should provide evidence that backs your thesis. The true nature of your claims should come out clearly within the paper. You should limit this part since it might end up affecting the balance of your essay.


Your audience needs to know whether the claims made in your essay holds water. You should clearly explain how your thesis stands when put against its counterarguments. When new sources of information are introduced, how will it affect your claims?


Your audience needs to know where you stand concerning the topic. It would help if you elaborated on how you got to make your stance on the topic. The part helps in showcasing the significance of the topic selection.

Formatting Your Paper

Your essay needs to be formatted to ensure it fits the instructions. Different learning institutions advocate for different formatting styles. The most common formatting styles present for students include:

  1. APA
  2. MLA
  3. Havard
  4. Vancouver
  5. Chicago

Formatting in MLA

MLA is one of the most popular and used formatting styles used in learning institutions. MLA follows specific guidelines when it comes to editing your paper before submission. It is essential to ensure that your paper is correctly formatted according to the latest formatting style. Here are essential guidelines you need to uphold when formatting your paper:

  1. Ensure you have one-inch margins spread across the entire paper
  2. Use a 12 font size that is uniform throughout the paper
  3. The wordings on the paper should have a double space
  4. Each new paragraph should be started indented
  5. The title page comes at the top left corner

The MLA format will affect your essay's different parts from headings, numbering, running head, and paragraphs. Therefore, you should check each detail before making the final submission to your instructor.

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