What Makes an Essay Complete? 

A complete essay follows the basic format. It does not stretch to break away from the format. Furthermore, a full essay is proofread and edited to get rid of any mistakes. A complete essay follows guidelines and instructions.

Parts of an Essay

The basic format of any essay is quite simple. It must contain:

  • Introduction
  • Body 
  • Conclusion

It forms the universal format for any essay. The format is the most basic template you can use when writing your essay. It helps in organizing your content quickly without falling apart. However, other additional elements make the basic format more concrete. Here is a breakdown of all parts of a complete essay.


The introductory phase of your essay introduces your readers to the topic. Your audience should be interested in the whole essay by reading your introduction. Therefore, it is essential to ensure you include a hook in the paragraph. It would help if you captured your audience’s attention within the first few sentences. The best way to write a hook is through:

  1. Using a question
  2. Introducing an analogy
  3. Using a famous quote

After capturing the readers' attention, you should follow by stating background information relating to your topic. You should state your ideas in a general manner that gives the reader more information about the topic.

Thesis Statement

When writing an essay, you have the main point you want to pass across to your audience. One way you can give the reader your stance over the topic is by stating the thesis statement. The thesis statement contains your overall argument relating to the essay. You can use the thesis as a roadmap in presenting your work. You should deliver the main points relating to the subject through the thesis statement.


The body elaborates on the central concept or ideas contained in the thesis statement. You should elaborate on each point in one paragraph. The paragraphs should be connected to show coherence and a natural flow. When stating your main points, you should ensure it is factual information. You can borrow information from other researches to solidify yours. However, ensure you cite each source used in your essay.


Transitions help in forming a connection between the paragraphs and the thesis statement. You can use the transitions between the sentences or paragraphs. Transitions help in maintaining a natural flow of thoughts and ideas. 


The conclusion part brings together all the major points stated in the paragraph. It relives the thesis statement to give a recap of what the reader has read. It provides the final stance of the reader relating to the topic. It further touches on the implications for a particular argument in the paper. You should not introduce new concepts in the conclusion if you have not mentioned them in the body.


If you have incorporated research from other sources, it is mandatory to cite them in your essay's final part. Ensure that each reference is adequately cited with in-text citations. Various formation styles are ranging from:

  1. APA
  2. MLA
  3. Vancouver
  4. Chicago
  5. Havard

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