Tackling Personal College Prompts Like a Pro

Your college essay is the opportunity you get to show the college admission staff your personality apart from the excellent grades you secured. Remember that thousands of applications get to the college desk, yet only a few slots are available. To get a chance at your dream college or university, you need to have the edge over the other applicants. What better way to prove that you are deserving of the opportunity than to write an excellent 250 to 650 worded personal essay?

Hacking the Essay Prompt

For students to write impressive personal statements, they need to be calculating and smart, as this is the only way to stand out. Persona statements are unique and should not be written as ordinary essays would. Remember that the committee wants to feel the connection that makes you a great fit for the college; thus, a well-written statement can help you achieve this. You can do this successfully by following the tips below:

  • Learn how to share a story and not tell it. You need to identify the aspects of your life that are interesting. This could be anything from a favorite hobby to an unforgettable experience.
  • Prove that you rose from challenging experiences. While many people may assume that focusing on your challenges defeats your writing course, smartly showing that you came out of it, a better person can earn you bonus points. You want to show the team your resilience and courage.
  • You can also choose to challenge a common belief. Your story could be to counter a preconceived idea. However, you need to be careful to make sense or risk coming off as a joker. Only opt for this move if you have a great experience that can easily be turned into a story that inspires others.
  • Choose a solution approach. Your story can also take the route of fixing a problem. Show the admission officers your ability to resolve issues rather than being overwhelmed with them. You need to be smart though not to over-praise yourself. Make sure your story is realistic and believable too.

Do not lose the Personal Touch

As you write your story, make sure that you are maintaining the personal touch in it. Whether you are showing your ability to overcome a specific hurdle, or how you fixed a stubborn issue, always do this from a personal point of view. Ensure the admissions committee wants to know you more because of how you express yourself confidently and powerfully. No one should doubt that you are the person writing the essay.

Have your Audience in Mind

Your audience determines how you approach your story. It should be from the point of acknowledgment. Remember that you are dealing with a smart audience that have a lot of content to assess. What you write must be sensible and true because the committee is likely to notice when you are exaggerating or being untruthful, which is the last thing you want.

Whenever you feel stuck with your personal statement, consider hiring experts to write on your behalf.

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