Steps to Write your Resume and Cover Letter.

If you are ready to apply for a job, you should now know how to craft an outstanding resume and cover letter. Winning the interview is the primary goal, and therefore your written application should communicate your competence for the job to the interview panel. The following steps will help you craft the best cover letter and resume that will increase your chances of landing on your dream job.

Check on the Format.

The first step is to ensure that you are conversant with the resume or cover letter format. The appearance of your application should give the reader a good impression. When you write a resume or cover letter in the wrong format, it becomes a turn off for the reader, and they might not read through your application. When writing a resume or a cover letter, you should always stick to the right format.

Review Samples.

The second step is to review samples of cover letters and resumes. The examples should be relevant to the type of job that you are applying in your cover letter. By checking on samples, you will;

  1. Have an idea of how best you will write your resume or cover letter.
  2. Write your application with ease.

Even if you are confident of your writing, always check on the best samples and compare them before writing yours.

Create a Draft.

The third step is to create a draft of your cover letter or resume. There must be a plan to guide you throughout any project, and the same is with cover letter and resume writing. In the draft, you will outline the format and add the ideas you wish to include in your final copy. While writing your draft, you should be open and add as many points as you many wish.

Write your Cover Letter or Resume.

The fourth step is to write your cover letter or resume. The draft will assist you in writing the resume or cover letter. When writing, you should stick to the desired format and ensure that you list all your points explicitly. It would be best if you were keen on the spelling of words and your sentence construction. Resumes and cover letters are always brief, and therefore you should focus on the main points.


The last step is to proofread your writing. When typing, we might make errors in spelling or grammar. A typing error might bring about a different meaning in your resume or cover letter, making it hard for the reader to understand what you are saying. Since the panel will have to read many other applications, they will not waste time trying to understand what you were trying to say.

Proofreading assists you to;

  • Correct any spelling mistakes
  • Correct mistakes with grammar
  • Boost your confidence in your application.

Despite the confidence, you might have in your writing, always ensure that you proofread before submitting it.

Landing on your dream job should not be a bother to you anymore. Stick on the above steps and increase your chances of securing the job.

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