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Those who study law have to master the preparation of legal opinions for exams, term papers and seminar papers and ask to buy essays online for college .

The methodology around the expertise style is one of the basic skills in law school and requires much practice. Our law Ghostwriters have long since internalized the structure and the procedure after years of study and academic degree and are happy to help you if you want to write a legal opinion.

They are tried to describe and apply facts for a specific situation. Even complicated legal cases in the field of insolvency law, hereditary and family law or commercial law are presented by our authors in the legal opinion in the legal report clean and accurate.

Gutachtenstil as a legal methodology

Our ghostwriters master the expertise style in their sleep and are absolutely proficient in the legal evaluation of a matter. Whether public law, civil law or criminal law, the legal opinion follows in each case a standardized structure.

Since many students of law have particular difficulties in the precise implementation of these requirements, we support you, if you want to write a legal opinion.

Our legal writers are not only familiar with the legal method, they are also well versed in writing the legal opinion consistently neutral, factual and free of emotion. You have several years of experience with the hurdles of formulation and know what matters.

The style of the ghostwriting can be adapted individually to your respective semester, seminar and knowledge level.

Experienced lawyers for your expertise in law

In fact, to have all the subtleties and details of a legal opinion in mind, you must, in principle, have already completed a complete university degree.

Our legal ghostwriters have successfully passed at least the first legal exam (formerly the first state exam) – many have completed their legal clerkship.

Our author pool includes lawyers from (almost) all departments. In addition, they have access to all legal databases in order to research the necessary literature for the comparison of similar isolated cases.

For that you need a lot of time, which you can spend with your family, friends and other commitments. If you do not have this time, you can get help for the legal report and get a template. In addition to the legal expertise, our ghostwriters also support you with the law homework or seminar work.

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Regardless of our legal authors who are experts in their respective field of law, each project is subject to its own quality control.

We not only do a plagiarism check, we also have the legal opinion checked for content by a second lawyer and a spellchecker on spelling, grammar and formalities.

Through the content and linguistic editing as well as the plagiarism check you will receive a high quality unique piece at the end.

For anonymous communication with your ghostwriter, you can easily use the Ghost Space.

There are always uncomplicated and discreet messages and files exchanged.

Communication is a top priority at our professional ghostwriting agency, especially on such complex topics as a legal opinion, where every detail counts.

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Construction of a legal opinion: What is special?

A legal opinion has a fixed structure and differs significantly from the classical structure of scientific papers from other disciplines.

For the evaluation, it is essential that law students follow this standardized scheme for the solution and only deviate from this, if a case-by-case or task requires it. Especially the skilful change from expert’s opinion to the judgmental style characterizes an excellent processing of a legal opinion.

The four-part logical structure consists of a descriptive and an evaluating part. Comparable cases should be transferred to the individual case under review and methodically evaluated. The expert opinion style is not limited to each case in the case, but also by the complete law report. The case solution is subdivided into:

Major premise

In the first section, the facts are shown and it is clarified what it is about.

What is the topic?

Which question turns to a certain situation?

Definition (subset)

Based on case law and legal texts, the previously indicated elements of the offense are described and defined in more detail. If the constituent elements are already described in detail in the legal text, it is spoken of a so-called legal definition. If there is no legal definition, case law, literature and the principles of interpretation are used.


A concrete state of affairs is subordinated in the subsumption to the constituent elements specified in the previous step of the relevant legal norm and presented in an if-then structure with a clause, subordinate clause and final sentence.

Conclusion / result (final sentence)

The legal opinion ends with the conclusion derived from the findings.

Is the condition fulfilled? Is it not fulfilled?

Ghostwriter for the solution sketch in law

As a shorter version of the legal opinion, the solution sketch is often part of the legal exam. But also z. For example, for legal work in criminal law, a legal solution sketch must usually be drawn up.

Our legal ghostwriters are the best contacts for this. You are experienced in writing reviews and solution sketches and answer any questions you may have while creating.

Above all, the structure and structured structure form the backbone of the solution sketch. If you still have problems, our ghostwriters will be happy to assist you personally.


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