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The master’s thesis in the consecutive postgraduate course should show that the student has the competence to do scientific work and the necessary knowledge to answer a research question in-depth.

However, the knowledge is often available, but the time is not sufficient at the end of the study to write the thesis within the processing time. Do you have any other obligations or would you prefer to work on the ocean instead of at the desk?

If you need help with your master thesis or diploma thesis, our ghostwriters will actively support you with their experience.

From the search for an exciting topic to a comprehensive literature search to a template that you can write for your master’s thesis, we help you from the registration of the thesis to completion.

Help from experienced ghostwriters for your master thesis

Are you having trouble finding an interesting topic with a profound research question for your Master’s thesis? Our academic ghostwriters support you with their years of research experience in the first step.

If desired, we work together to develop a problem in your field that requires research on a scientific level. All authors of Ghost & Write have themselves completed the student’s career and successfully completed at least one Master or Diploma.

You therefore know what is important in the master’s thesis. Whether you need help writing the exposé, researching sources, or need help with exacting citation, our master thesis ghostwriters will help you at any point in the process.

Full support in the master

Assistance with topic search

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Support in the literature search and source search

Ghostwriters write a template for your Master’s thesis

Scientific ghostwriters for every subject area in the Master

Homework, term paper or master thesis:

Depending on the course of study, other knowledge and other tools are required for the preparation of a scientific work.

Whether a literary work in political science, history or sociology or an empirical work with statistical analysis in business studies, media studies or linguistics – as a professional ghostwriting agency has Ghost & Write numerous authors in the pool, bringing the knowledge of theories and models in your field.

Our ghostwriters have the necessary qualifications and the required focus to be able to competently address the topic of their master’s thesis.

Please contact us directly so that our ghostwriters can help you.

Our lecturers pay attention to:

  • spelling
  • grammar
  • formulation
  • content
  • formatting
  • swell
  • exact citation

Qualitative theses by Ghost & Write

If you get support for your studies and want to get a template for your master’s thesis, you’re sure to expect the highest quality.

Especially the master’s degree is the poster child of the academic career for many students. Since the master’s thesis accounts for around 20% of the overall grade in numerous degree programs, the level should be correspondingly high.

For this reason, every order from Ghost & Write includes professional proofreading, in which our editors pay particular attention to content, grammar, spelling, formatting and source usage.

Another component of our quality management is plagiarism testing, in which we use systems that are also used by universities for testing purposes.

In the end, a unique quality is created when you have a ghostwriter write your master’s thesis.

Anonymous, direct and fast communication

The direct exchange between client and author on specific questions is indispensable when it comes to the ghostwriting of the master’s thesis. For this, our customers use the so-called Ghost Space – a virtual study in which the complete communication with the ghostwriter of the master thesis takes place.

The secure area not only provides the necessary anonymity, it also allows constant exchange 24 hours 7 days a week. Conveniently files can be exchanged there and questions answered. With Ghost Space, it’s also easy to get in touch with Ghost & Write staff at any time.

What are the costs for the ghostwriting of a master thesis?

To write the Master’s thesis is not cheap, but it pays off in the long term as an investment in a secure future career. The price is based on the complexity of the topic, the page number, the processing time and the department.

It is also important whether it is a pure literature work or a statistical analysis. Maybe you have already done some preliminary work, eg. B. in the form of a confirmed outline or an Exposés, which can use your ghostwriter for the master’s thesis.

Each project is unique and will be reviewed by experienced Ghost & Write staff before the project starts, so you get a completely personalized offer. We are happy to make you an offer in which the proofreading and the plagiarism check are already included. Call us now or write a WhatsApp or E-Mail, so that your project starts soon.

Worth knowing about the master program and the master thesis

While the qualifying Bachelor prepares for a career in the labor market, students deepen their knowledge in the build-up Master’s program. The Master of Arts (M.A.) or Master of Science (M.Sc.) qualifies on the one hand more for entry into professional life, which also involves higher salaries, on the other hand, it is the first hurdle for working in scientific research. If the bachelor’s degree is usually completed after six semesters, the mostly admission-restricted master joins with four semesters.

Tips for the MA – What is important?

Every master’s student has already written his first thesis with the bachelor thesis and knows what is important. Apart from the formalities of the master’s thesis, such as cover page, outline and margin, you should definitely create a schedule. As a result, not only do you keep track of all appointments, you also motivate yourself through self-imposed goals.

It is also important to consider the master thesis feasible. Scientific work is not rocket science. For the quality assurance you should plan in the end in any case a proofreading. If you write your master thesis with Ghost & Write, plagiarism check and proofreading will be part of the job.

Scope and duration of the Master’s thesis

At the end is the master’s thesis, which usually takes six months to prepare. During this time, interviews are prepared and evaluated, data analyzes are approached and specialized literature researched. For the writing process itself, eight weeks are traditionally envisaged.

Depending on the degree program, the oral defense will be added afterwards. How many pages a master’s thesis encompasses depends entirely on the specifications of your university. From 40 to 120 pages of pure text, the examination regulations can demand anything.

As always in scientific work, quality is more important than quantity.

Who is allowed to supervise the master thesis?

There are no general requirements as to who can act as supervisor when writing the master thesis. Universities usually regulate the process through the examination regulations. There it is written down, which credit points are required for the registration, when the final thesis has to be registered in the examination office and how a possible extension of the processing period is requested.

Basically, it requires a first and second caregiver. The first supervisor does not necessarily have to be a professor, but he likes to be seen. Basically, Germany is repeatedly complained about care problems. Numerous lecturers do not have time to deal intensively with the questions of their students. In such cases, ghostwriters help to write a template for the master’s thesis and also act as a coach for difficult questions.