Writing the Best Personal Statement for College Outline

Tips for Writing the Best Personal Statement for College Outline

Learning how to write a personal statement should be a priority in all students’ lives, especially those who aspire to join colleges and universities after high school. This skill will come in handy during the college application process since a personal statement is mandatory. The 250 to 650-worded essay will serve as an identification document that represents you beyond your scores and grades. It helps the selection committee decide whether or not you are a match for their institution.

What It Takes?

Like other essays and academic writings, an outline is a great way to focus on the task at hand. It helps you narrow down to the specifics of your essay. While there may be a lot to write in a personal statement, considering the limited word count, students should focus on content that best represents them, hence the need to have an outline. Most of such statements will follow the steps below:

  • An introduction paragraph
  • The first part of the personal statement’s body. This should capture the happenings in the recent past
  • The second part of the statement which should focus on the present
  • The third part of the statement focusing on the future
  • A powerful concluding paragraph

Starting Strong

You want to capture the attention of your audience from the beginning of your write-up. The committee has a lot of work to handle; hence, it will rarely read an entire statement unless it is captivating. Make sure your intro makes it impossible for them to skim and move on but encourages them to read further. Your intro should be sketchy, inviting, and enticing enough to have the reader stay on the page.

Discussing the Past

Once you have captured the reader's attention, your next step should be to keep them engaged. You can easily do this by what you write in your next paragraph. You may want to write about recent achievements without being egotistic about it since you are your own best cheerleader in this case. Come up with a way of expressing your academic or life experiences without being modest or too proud about it, but do not fear to toot your own horn no matter how difficult it may seem.

Talk about Your Current State

After narrating a bit about your past, you should quickly move into a description of your current state. You should focus on traits that present the best version of your current self, such as confidence, courage, and hunger for success. The goal is to create a positive self-image that shows you are deserving of the opportunity you seek. However, be careful not to exaggerate too much as this could cost you, especially when the admission officer stops believing your story.

Capture Future Expectations

Once your story has tied your past to the present, you need to paint a picture that shows your hope for a better future. Make sure the statement comes across in such a way that the opportunity given to you will be instrumental in achieving this goal. Your essay should show a clear vision.

You can then conclude and leave the reader is with a vivid impression of who you are. Consider hiring expert writers to assist in this.

Cover Letter Writing: The Problems Students Face

The Problems Student Go Through

Understudies regularly end up in a sticky situation when requested to compose their papers. A 100 or more pages paper is an assignment they all want to stay away from. This is because they are looked by some basic issues when in school. Some of these problems include lack of:

  • Enough time
  • Lack of efficient composing aptitudes
  • Comprehension aptitudes
  • Numerous tasks to manage
  • The complexity of the assignments

Lack of Satisfactory Time

Most understudies are confronted with the issue of lacking adequate chance to complete their academic task. This is because some of them are engaged in part-time work that helps them continue paying fees while in school. The side hustles frequently take up most of their time and along these lines wind up obliging themselves while investigating their papers. The main way out of this circumstance is by reaching a composing administration to do the article for you.

Lack of Composing Aptitudes

Understudies frequently miss the mark with regards to the necessary particular capacities to compose an extensive paper. This might be a direct result of their English level is exorbitantly low. This impact generally understudies who are not nearby English speakers; hence, they can't pass on what requirements be smoothly in the piece strategy.

Minimal Understanding Aptitudes

Understudies who Lack the overall cognizance abilities concerning the given subject given frequently think that it's not easy to create the paper themselves. This is commonly a crucial test to understudies since they haven't the faintest idea of what is anticipated from them. This comes hand in hand with the lack of information on how to organize a paper effectively. In most cases, tutors encourage students to apply the APA format since it's the scholastically acknowledged style.

Numerous Tasks to Manage

The understudies are confronted with the issue of lacking opportunity to manage all of the tasks given out to them by the school, provoking a big remarkable main job for the understudy. It arrives at a moment that you are needed to submit five exploration papers to complete inside a restricted time; this typically is a terrible dream to understudies. A certified paper composing administration is your only course of action with regards to this level. They will address every one of your papers at a sensible cost.

The Complexity of the Assignment

Understudies frequently will in general concern a lot since the prerequisites in exposition composing are excessive. This can heighten, and they experience the ill effects of pressure. This is typically the main adversary to understudies since they can't finish the tasks given inside a compelled time.

All understudies are looked by at least one than one of these issues when composing their expositions. If this occurs, make proficient composing administrations your dear companion. They convey 100% expositions inside seven days. Their authors work all day to ensure your paper is given inside the cutoff time given. Quality and accuracy are constantly ensured. They likewise offer altering administrations if you have just started composition.

Easiest Way to Structure Your Essay in MLA Format

What Does it Mean to Structure?

Structuring your essay means arranging it coherently using a different set of ideas in making an argument. Essays are written linearly. It uses one idea at a time to make sense to the reader. You have to appeal the logic of your audience to have a successful essay structure.

Your main aim when writing an essay is to predict its structure. The structure pre-empts the information your audience needs to know. Furthermore, it states the order the audience will receive it. You should ensure that the structure of your essay remains unique when compared to the arguments present. There is no universal idea for structuring an essay.

Parts of an Essay

The standard parts of an essay include:

  • Introduction
  • Body 
  • Conclusion

The introductory phase states the argument of the topic. It gives your audience your stance on the topic. Furthermore, it raises counterarguments that could be used against the side. Both the introduction and conclusion are fixed in the essay. You can shift the body in different ways, depending on the content.

It is advisable to bear in mind different sections that help answer various questions that might form in your audience's mind. Here are multiple questions that the essay must answer when writing.


The first part of the question to the reader is what the topic is all about. You should provide evidence that backs your thesis. The true nature of your claims should come out clearly within the paper. You should limit this part since it might end up affecting the balance of your essay.


Your audience needs to know whether the claims made in your essay holds water. You should clearly explain how your thesis stands when put against its counterarguments. When new sources of information are introduced, how will it affect your claims?


Your audience needs to know where you stand concerning the topic. It would help if you elaborated on how you got to make your stance on the topic. The part helps in showcasing the significance of the topic selection.

Formatting Your Paper

Your essay needs to be formatted to ensure it fits the instructions. Different learning institutions advocate for different formatting styles. The most common formatting styles present for students include:

  1. APA
  2. MLA
  3. Havard
  4. Vancouver
  5. Chicago

Formatting in MLA

MLA is one of the most popular and used formatting styles used in learning institutions. MLA follows specific guidelines when it comes to editing your paper before submission. It is essential to ensure that your paper is correctly formatted according to the latest formatting style. Here are essential guidelines you need to uphold when formatting your paper:

  1. Ensure you have one-inch margins spread across the entire paper
  2. Use a 12 font size that is uniform throughout the paper
  3. The wordings on the paper should have a double space
  4. Each new paragraph should be started indented
  5. The title page comes at the top left corner

The MLA format will affect your essay's different parts from headings, numbering, running head, and paragraphs. Therefore, you should check each detail before making the final submission to your instructor.

Simple Tips for Essay Application Formatting

Formatting your Application Essay Like a Pro

There is a lot a stake when writing your college application essay. Rather than agonize about the little details, you should learn how to do it right from the start. A good essay is well organized and formatted to the later such that no error can put you on the sides. However, this is easier said than done when unsure of the structure and number of paragraphs that work.

Settling the Format Concerns

As already mentioned, students can be restless when they are unsure of how to proceed with their college application essays. Having the right content to write is not an issue, but putting it in a legible and easy to follow format may determine a lot. Fortunately, students can write the best essays when they follow the tips below.

  • Your margins should be perfect. This is one of the parts that is often ignored, yet it should account for one of the most significant parts.
  • Follow the given instructions when copy-pasting into a specific box
  • There may be crucial attachment instructions that should not be ignored.
  • Keep the language simple and easy to understand
  • Follow the basic structure of intro, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

Fixing the Margin

You may have no problem writing the content of your application essay. Unfortunately, that is not all the college staff will be looking for when vetting you. Make sure to adhere to the other instructions equally. In case the school you are applying to insists on an email application, then forget about the paper application and format as follows.

Formatting for Copy and Paste Content

You need first to check that you have transferred everything as it should be. Run the following checks to be sure:

  1. Check to ensure that all the content is transferred, and that no part has been cut out
  2. Beware of adjustments to be made in case of the word count alterations. This can happen due to the difference in formats; hence you should expect it.
  3. Fix the formatting correctly because you may lose them as you copy and paste in the document. Make sure to redo all of them
  4. Check the spacing. Most of the time, your character, sentence, and paragraphs spaces get mixed up when moving content to the box. Never submit the task without counterchecking and verifying that everything is as it should be.
  5. Use standardized font. If specified, then follow the exact fonts given. In case it is open, use that which would normally work for all professional papers.

Document Attachment

Margins are important when attaching documents. Consider the following specifications:

  1. Use one-inch margins on all sides. This will make the content easy to read and understand
  2. Use 1.5 or double spacing to enhance the legibility
  3. Your paragraphs must be clearly defined. Preferably use a single tab at the beginning of each paragraph
  4. Choose font size, color, and style that is easy to read

When choosing the right format for your essay, make sure that you follow the basic requirements. Alternatively, hire an expert to handle the formatting for you.

Expert Guide on Basic Format of an Essay for Beginners

What Makes an Essay Complete? 

A complete essay follows the basic format. It does not stretch to break away from the format. Furthermore, a full essay is proofread and edited to get rid of any mistakes. A complete essay follows guidelines and instructions.

Parts of an Essay

The basic format of any essay is quite simple. It must contain:

  • Introduction
  • Body 
  • Conclusion

It forms the universal format for any essay. The format is the most basic template you can use when writing your essay. It helps in organizing your content quickly without falling apart. However, other additional elements make the basic format more concrete. Here is a breakdown of all parts of a complete essay.


The introductory phase of your essay introduces your readers to the topic. Your audience should be interested in the whole essay by reading your introduction. Therefore, it is essential to ensure you include a hook in the paragraph. It would help if you captured your audience’s attention within the first few sentences. The best way to write a hook is through:

  1. Using a question
  2. Introducing an analogy
  3. Using a famous quote

After capturing the readers' attention, you should follow by stating background information relating to your topic. You should state your ideas in a general manner that gives the reader more information about the topic.

Thesis Statement

When writing an essay, you have the main point you want to pass across to your audience. One way you can give the reader your stance over the topic is by stating the thesis statement. The thesis statement contains your overall argument relating to the essay. You can use the thesis as a roadmap in presenting your work. You should deliver the main points relating to the subject through the thesis statement.


The body elaborates on the central concept or ideas contained in the thesis statement. You should elaborate on each point in one paragraph. The paragraphs should be connected to show coherence and a natural flow. When stating your main points, you should ensure it is factual information. You can borrow information from other researches to solidify yours. However, ensure you cite each source used in your essay.


Transitions help in forming a connection between the paragraphs and the thesis statement. You can use the transitions between the sentences or paragraphs. Transitions help in maintaining a natural flow of thoughts and ideas. 


The conclusion part brings together all the major points stated in the paragraph. It relives the thesis statement to give a recap of what the reader has read. It provides the final stance of the reader relating to the topic. It further touches on the implications for a particular argument in the paper. You should not introduce new concepts in the conclusion if you have not mentioned them in the body.


If you have incorporated research from other sources, it is mandatory to cite them in your essay's final part. Ensure that each reference is adequately cited with in-text citations. Various formation styles are ranging from:

  1. APA
  2. MLA
  3. Vancouver
  4. Chicago
  5. Havard