Tips for Writing a Personal Statement for College Scholarship.

When there is a scholarship opportunity in an institution, the scholarship board will want one person out of the many interested applicants. To increase your chances of securing the scholarship, you need to write the best personal statement. You should treat your statement as a face to face interview. Here are some of the tips to use when writing your statement for the scholarship to stand out and grab the opportunity.

Be Clear, Organized, and Focused

When writing your personal statement, you should be clear, organized, and focused. Your statement should adhere to a logical structure since people who do not know you are reading it. The response in the statement should be short to keep the reader's attention and show your thoughts in writing it. The statement should focus on the key aspects that the board wants. Everything should also be clear since the board has many applications to read through and will not spend much time trying to comprehend unclear sentences.

It should be Authentic

A personal statement is a way of telling the scholarship board more about yourself. You should explain to them who you are for them to know whether you are fit for the opportunity. The people who will read your statement should know much about you before meeting you in person through your statement. In some instances, the board will conduct a face to face interview to see whether your writing in the personal statement reflects you. They will easily spot the applicants who were not genuine when writing their personal statements. An authentic personal statement will improve your chances of securing the opportunity.

Reflect on your Experiences

When writing your personal statement, you should reflect on your experiences. They should know of how flexible you are to handle challenges that you might be presented with while in your academic journey. When you include some of your past experiences relevant to the scholarship position, you will have an added advantage since the board will consider someone who can easily adapt to situations. Your experiences might include;

  1. Your academic performance in previous learning institutions.
  2. Projects that you have participated.
  3. Any awards for an excellent job done.

Be Punctual on your Submission.

Personal statements usually have a timeframe for submission to the board for review. The board usually indicates the deadlines for submissions in the instructions of the scholarship. When you submit your statement past the deadline, you will be deemed to have no interest in the scholarship. When you submit your statement early, you have the following advantages;

  • The board will have enough time to review your writing.
  • You will get feedback in time.
  • You will rest assured that your statement is in the right hands.

The board will not take time to read the late submissions, and therefore by submitting your statement late, you will miss the opportunity.

Always Proofread your Personal Statement

When writing personal statements, we are prone to making typing or grammatical errors. The only way to be sure that our personal statement is free from such errors is by proofreading our writing. Once you have read through your statement and you are sure that there are no errors, then you are good to submit it and expect the best out of it.

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