What it takes to Write an Excellent College Application Personal Statement

It may be easy to write about someone else than it is about yourself. However, learning how to write about oneself is crucial, especially if you want to apply for college. Personal statement essays are mandatory requirements when applying for college sponsorships and admission, hence making sure that they stand out. To write an excellent personal statement essay, consider the following tricks:

  • Think about interesting aspects of your life and brainstorm on those that can make an excellent story. You may have to focus on the defining moments of your life, what inspires you, your choice of activities and life engagement, and what makes you proud.
  • List your idea so that you can narrow down to the strongest ones
  • Freewrite the essay, choosing to use the first 4 ideas in your shortlist above. This is not the time to worry about structure and formats. All you want is to be comfortable with the ideas you first came up with.
  • Choose the topic that allows you to express yourself best. It should be the easiest one to write about the choices you made. It also needs to be interesting and genuinely important to you. You also need to be sure that it is enough to help you write out the entire essay's chunky bit, considering that you know the word count already.

Choosing the Topic

This will depend majorly on the prompt you have been given. Once you have brainstormed and thought of a storyline described above, you can easily choose a befitting title or topic. Remember that a great title should be precise, meaningful, and captivating. It should give the reader an idea of what you intend to discuss in the essay.

Take a Personalized Approach

Always remember that this is an essay that does not resemble the others. You need to be careful about presenting your information in a personalized manner. Describe your journey in a way that not many can directly identify with as their own, despite having similar experiences. It is that personal touch in your story that will capture the recruiters' interest and make you stand out.

Let the Essay Reflect Your Speech and Have the Audience in mind

Try as much as possible to write the essay as you would speak. Focus on the message you want to convey, and impress the committee by reinforcing your ability to fit into the system and society at the college. Do not try too hard to show off since this will be noticeable, but instead focus on your strengths. Remember that you are trying to create a first impression and that you need it to be a strong one to win you the favor of your audience.

Show Your Connection to the College

One of the easiest ways to impress the section committee is to prove that you are the best candidate to join the school. Your story or narration should tie beautifully to your need to join the school. You can talk about your difficult experiences turning around when given a chance to study at the college.

The bottom line is to choose the right story and flow with it. Hire an expert to assist.

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